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By chickenhawk
Can a l298 motor driver suddenly go bad? MY grandsons Rover 5 was working just find and all of a sudden the motors start running as if the batteries are going dead. I put new batteries in and the same thing. But if I hook the motors right to the batteries the motors turn fine. The only thing he was doing was getting rid of the " DELAYS " and was trying to use the " blink with out delay" to run the motors. The arduino board has it's own power supply and the motors are powered by 6 AA batteries.
By chickenhawk
He erased the code he was working on because it did not work, he also tried to rewrite the code other ways but erased them after they did not work either. But I will post the code he had that was working before we figuered out that something was wrong.
By chickenhawk
Turns out not the L298 board but some thing in his program. When we loaded the old program everything runs just fine.
Now all he has to do is find what he did wrong.