Robertsonics WAV Trigger board

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Robertsonics WAV Trigger board

Post by TZMF64 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:53 pm

Hello all

My new board works perfect! However I am scratching my head over a particular issue. After soldering headers on triggers 1-8 and loading 8 songs onto the SD card. The first 7 songs play but the 8th one does not, even though the LED light is on during the song. All are set to 32 bit float(I know it should be 16 bit but huh?), 44.1 kh, and stereo format. I downloaded samples from Piano the Robertsonics Website) to check it out (as they were in the correct format) and they works fine on trigger 8(All were in 32 bit float format). So, that confirmed most certainly that the board is fine. I'm left with wondering what I am doing wrong in Audacity. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My purpose in this project is to add musical sounds to an early SS Stern pinball machine(Nugent).

Have a Good Day!

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Re: Robertsonics WAV Trigger board

Post by robertsonics » Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:25 pm

Hmm... I can say with some authority that 32-bit float wav files should not play at all. The WAV Trigger requires 16-bit fixed, stereo wav files.

The fact that some of your files, and all of the example Piano files, which are definitely 16-bit, play correctly implies that you maybe aren't saving the files the way you think you are from Audacity.

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