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Want to switch a set of lights with a servo’s

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 3:14 pm
by NGwpower
Have two 110V wall outlets for ceiling lighting, they are blocked by a ho scale train layout. Found a 3D printable wall switch mountable device that uses a servo to throw the switch. Purchased a SparkFun Servo Trigger - Continuous Rotation, let the smoke out of the resistor, wired it to a 12V source! Looking at different offerings from SparkFun:
Goal need the servo to generate at least 180-degree arch.
Will use a momentary switch to operate device.
1. SparkFun Servo Trigger - Continuous Rotation will do 360. Limit is it will only run one servo?
2. SparkFun Servo Trigger – does not go 90 degrees.
3. SparkFun Pi Servo HAT – Prefer not having to use arduino.
Can solder and have multimeter, no good at designing electrical equipment.
Could spend a lot of money on TP-Link or other retailers for smart switches, just cannot justify the expense.
The question is can the #1. “SparkFun Servo Trigger - Continuous Rotation” operate more than one servo, without daisy chaining Triggers? is the device
All guidance is appreciated.