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Post by adim » Mon Dec 18, 2017 9:30 am

i am trying to use the FIFO of the LSM6DS3 unit and i have the following problem. I only buffer accelerometer's data so when i set the ODR for the accelerometer over 56Hz, (104, 208, 416, 833Hz etc), the buffer does not work for FIFO's ODR bigger than the accelerometers. For example if i use 104Hz ODR for the accelerometer it does not work if i choose also 104Hz(100 in the library) or above for the FIFO's ODR. I am using the Sparkfun library. In the Datasheet in page 49 it says: "If the device is working at an ODR slower than the one selected, FIFO ODR is limited to that ODR value.
Moreover, these bits are effective if both the DATA_VALID_SEL FIFO bit of MASTER_CONFIG (1Ah) and
the TIMER_PEDO_FIFO_DRDY bit of FIFO_CTRL2 (07h) are set to 0.
" , so this was not supposed to be happening.

Thanks in advance

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