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By ldelvalleh
Hi, I have a problem with the Coulomb Counter. I have followed the Sparkfun tutorial ... okup-guide but when I connect it in interrupt mode to an Arduino, there is no downside to skip the interrupt .

I use an Arduino MKR1000.

I have loaded the same code that comes in the tutorial, I have solved the SJ2 and SJ3 to work at 3V3. I've looked with an oscilloscope and it always keeps signal high level any suggestions?

Thank you very much.
By odanoun
I had the same problem with the LTC4150, namely the INT signal was always high. Later I found out that the voltage across the SENSE+ pin was not within 60 mV of the supply voltage. In the datasheet is mentioned that for proper operation the SENSE+ pin must be whitin 60 mV of VDD for proper operation.