OpenScale question???

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OpenScale question???

Post by mjphoto » Tue Oct 03, 2017 3:02 pm

Hello Team,

I bought a Sparkfun OpenScale board for an upcoming project because I couldnt find an amplifier (HX711) and comination board in my local area/country. I am now wondering whether it will do what I want it to do so here is my project details;

I am building a kegerator (fridge with a couple of kegs in it and some taps on top to serve), I want to build a scale to let me know when I am running low on beer inside the keg. My plan is to hack a bathroom scale to use the load cells and frame but hook them up to a combination board, amplifier then through to an arduino where I could do some calculations in the code and display the amount of liquid I have left. I will need to have some physical buttons to select keg profiles (all my kegs are different start weights).

Any idea if this is easy with openscale or am i better to do it all seperately?

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