HX711 always 8388607

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HX711 always 8388607

Post by draco » Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:06 pm


I tried to use the module with some old load cell from a non fonctional scale without success - the number returned by the sketch is always 8388607.
So I tought it was because I don't quite understard how differential signal work (which is how? A_PLUS + A_MINUS? (regardless of the gain))
I tried to use 1k resistors to build a wheatstone bridge, then tried to replace the 2 actives resistors (those 2 that should be "actives" with a potentiometer). When changing the potentiometers the value still not changes.
I tried to swap the A+ and A-.

I read that somebody (https://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.ph ... 11#p191946 - with the opposite value problem) anwser back with the "try to short A+ and A-", I tried it and the value is still the same (which may be ok in this case?)

I use the library https://github.com/bogde/HX711 and only display back the result of read().

What can I tried (that you are confient it will work) that I can try before opening a RMA.


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