Does (Particle) Electron charge its battery?

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Does (Particle) Electron charge its battery?

Post by eecharlie » Wed Sep 27, 2017 12:06 am

I'm working on a project design for a datalogger based on the Electron and am not clear on whether a LiPo battery will require a separate charge controller for charging. The datasheet does show a BQ24195 charge controller IC in the block diagram, but doesn't ever call out the conditions under which the battery would be charged.

And a simpler compatibility question: is the JST-2 battery connector on the Electron going to work with all the JST batteries sold by sparkfun?

Finally, a long shot: with very intermittent (e.g. every 10 min or even every hour) activity, does anyone know what power consumption of the Electron looks like? It seems like a cellular data transaction is going to greatly dominate sensors for my application (temp + humidity).


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