ISL29125 Linking with I/O extender?

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ISL29125 Linking with I/O extender?

Post by WilliamH » Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:30 am

I'm wanting to link a load (50) of these light sensors together over the I2C bus.
The datasheet states "The device identifier bits of ISL29125 are internally hard-wired as “1000100”."
This means that I cannot set the slave addresses on each chip.

Is it feasable to use a SX1509 I/O extender on each ISL29125? (I realise the SX1509 is 16 channel but for my purposes each light sensor needs to be self contained)
Would that allow me to address each light sensor?

That is of course unless anyone knows of an I2C RGB light sensor which I can manually set the slave addresses.

Any help appreciated, Thanks

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