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ioio Power

Post by gregur » Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:30 am

I searched the forum but could not find the answer to this question. What power supply would you recommend for the ioio board and why?
I know 5v is the stated, but the hookup guide recomends 1.5 v higher for more consistent power, but the 9v is in the add to cart listing as well getting close to the 10v maximun outlined in the wiki.
What about minimum current?
The listed 9v supply is rated for 650ma. would a 5v 1.5 a be a better choice than this?
My plan is to connect one with ext power supply and use 10+ digital io's on 5v and at least 2 analog pins 3.3v.
The digital to drive relays and monitor magnetic float switches, the analog to measure temp.
Any input from someone who has prototyped alot with the ioio is welcomed!
Cheers this is my first post to the forum!
The ioio is a replacement for a raspberry pi project I was working on.
Greg :D

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