OBD-II-UART <-> FTDI Testing - HOW?

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OBD-II-UART <-> FTDI Testing - HOW?

Post by gampy » Sat Sep 09, 2017 6:51 pm

Hi All,

Just bought
DEV-09716 FTDI Basic Breakout 5v

Soldered on the header, plugged in the FTDI (GND/BLK to GND/BLK), hooked the OBD-II to DB9 to a car, plugged the USB into the PC, it found it, installed drivers, added a com port for it ...

I then opened Hyperterm (9600, N81), typed in ATZ and hit enter ... Nothing, Nothing at all, no leds flash, no OK echoed, no ELM prompt ... Nadda!

Where do I go now!

When the OBD-II-UART/FTDI boards are plugged into the car it does keep flashing Rx / Tx on both boards (OBD-II-UART and FTDI) ... As soon as I plug into the PC it all stops!

Thanks all

gampy : )_~

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