MAG3110: Large differences in values between two magnetomete

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MAG3110: Large differences in values between two magnetomete

Post by FranMartin » Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:02 am

Hello, I am testing the MAG3110 magnetometer. I'm doing a test with two magnatrometres. The program that is running is a sample of the library: 'SparkFun_MAG3110_Calibrated.ino'. Both magnetometers have been calibrated by rotating them 360 degrees in the XY plane (the axis of rotation is the Z axis). When they have been calibrated they have been placed as seen in the see image_01.In addition, individually, each magnetometer gives a heading that oscillates at +/- 2 degrees when the resolution is 0.1 uT which I think is a degree according to the MAG3110 datasheet so it should not have as much drift in each measurement.
I performed the test with two different magnetometers and the result is the same, very different values between them. Thank you.


Best regards,
Fran Martin

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