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By ddewaele

I have a Sparkfun ESP32 Thing board, and noticed that while running the ESP-IDF samples that the default baudrate of the board seems to be 74880 instead of 115200.
I was under the impression that while the ESP8266 had 74880 as default, that the ESP32 should have a default baudrate of 115200.

Any idea why mine is set to 74880 ?
By ddewaele
Seems this "issue" was caused by my esp-idf toolchain using a wrong crystal frequency (it used 40Mhz instead of the 26Mhz crystal frequency on the Sparkfun board).
As a result, the serial output was also off.

After auto-detecting the crystal frequency, the serial output was again available at 115200bps
By rabarar
can you tell me how you selected the auto-detection for the Frequency to correct the baud rate issue on the ESP32 IDF toolchain?


- Rob