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I don't know if there's a name for these. I've searched extensively but haven't been able to find them anywhere. I see them all the time on computer motherboard connections. For example, the USB port on the mother board has one pin missing. The female connector that plugs into it has a plastic male pin plugged into it so that hole is blocked and you can't plug it in the wrong way.

I'd like to buy a bag of those plastic pins but either no one sells them or I just don't know what they're called and so cannot find them. Anyone know where they can be found?
Thanks Mike. I found some from a site in Europe but they were selling them individually and they were expensive. Jameco Electronics has some but they're for the Molex type connectors and I don't know if they'll fit the dupont connectors and they don't ship for 75 days.

I just realized I have a new 3d printer. I think I may try printing some.
My way of doing this is to take a standard header, cut off a pin and push it into the connector I need to key. Takes two seconds, and I don't have to buy/stock extra parts. If I'm feeling fancy, I'll rub the cut edge on a stone to make it nice and flat.
(of course, this only works if the other end of the cable isn't connected to anything that can cause harm).