Sparkfun Spectacle - a couple issues

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Sparkfun Spectacle - a couple issues

Post by SuperheroDIY » Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:44 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm using the Sparkfun Spectacle ecosystem ( to wire up an Iron Man costume. However, I'm running into a few problems that I'm hoping the community can help with.

Issue #1 - The button board does not Latch On / Latch Off. This option on the button board is basically supposed to act like a lightswitch - one button turns on, next press turns off, and so on. However, it only works to activate the channel but doesn't deactivate on second press. Here's a video I recorded for Sparkfun Support of it happening: Any ideas? I'm out of 'em.

Issue #2 - I have an audio board hooked up to a speaker and have 6 sound files loaded. I'd like to add a virtual board that would randomly activate a channel from 1-6 about every 30 seconds. However, I don't see a way for the virtual board to do that. It can send a random input to a certain channel, but can't randomize the channel. Anyone see any other way to do this? I don't think I could even do that with a button - I'd have to have 6 buttons if I wanted to play all the sounds!

Any thoughts or experience folks have with Spectacle would be great. I could certainly switch over to Arduino (I have a redboard as part of the inventor kit) but I am NOT any good with code or electronics in general, and want to keep it as simple as I can! Thanks for any help!

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