problems with mp3 shield DEV-12660

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problems with mp3 shield DEV-12660

Post by shagabay » Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:06 am


i am playing a normal-rate (100-200kbps) mp3 from my mp3 shield (DEV-12660). i am using:
1. arduino mega
2. SFEMP3Shield library
3. line-out option, selected by soldering the jumpers

while the mp3 is playing, i am getting a familiar noise from it, the one you get from lousy sound cards in old pcs when the card is not playing anything loud enough to overcome the noise.

this noise might be caused by the decoding of the mp3, but i'm not sure. this was also mentioned in this post
but it was not answered.

is it normal for this shield? is there any way to overcome this?


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