NRF52 Breakout Board data streaming

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NRF52 Breakout Board data streaming

Post by sorselina » Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:07 am


I have just migrated from using adafruit BLE board to sparkfun NRF52 breakout board and I am having trouble understanding how to stream data using this board.

I am still quite new so bear with me. I am planning to send packets of data via UART (250000 baudrate). I am planning to send packets 1000 times a second, and the packets are 19 bytes long, totalling to 19*8*1000 = 152000kbps. I read from NRF52832 datasheet that it's capable of 1Mbps. I have played around with the nRF52832 Button and nRF52832 LED examples.

My questions:
1. Could the board handle 152000kbps?
2. My current plan is to: set baudrate of the board to 250000, receive packets, if a packet is received, then use setValue to send packet. Is this a good way to start?

The reason why I am confused is because with Adafruit BLE board they have a separate command mode for setting up the board and also data mode for sending; with the data mode simulating UART so that I can just "dump" my packets and it will send packets straight away. Would my plan on number 2 essentially make the NRF52 simulate UART as well?

The reason why I migrated to this board: Adafruit BLE board was "locked" to 9600 baudrate, therefore bottlenecking my data stream.

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