How to reset RFID

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How to reset RFID

Post by x6tus » Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:29 am

Hi all, first post on here!

I have the SparkFun RFID USB Reader board with UD-12LA RFID unit. I am happily reading the card tags using C# .NET and the serial port object.

I want to be able to implement / fake presence detection which I believe I can do by resetting the card via the reset pin for 150ms I believe. I'm also not sure if the reset pin is 13 or 2.

The arduino code seems to be something like this:

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int RFIDResetPin = 13;     

void resetReader() {
 digitalWrite(RFIDResetPin, LOW);
 digitalWrite(RFIDResetPin, HIGH);
But how I send this via C# using the serial port object is a bit of a mystery. Can anyone help?


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