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I'm designing a small air circulation system (not computer related) where I need to use two computer type fans and some type of fan speed controller, and I need some advice on what parts to get.

Requirements for the fan..
- 120 or 140 mm
- as quiet as possible
- moves as much air as possible (hopefully in the 70+ cfm range)
- ball bearings, not sleeve

I've done some looking around on newegg, etc and found some good candidates, but if anyone knows of a good brand that's long lived, quiet and moves lots of air please let me know.

And as far as supply power and the speed controller are concerned, I'm entirely open to your ideas. Being a novice I'm guessing there are probably better parts suggestions that what I've imagined so far. The power will be coming from 110v so I'm gonna have to convert that somehow. I have a janky little adapter box that plugs into a 110v outlet and outputs to a female 12v car adapter, so that would probably work. Although I'd like a more solid electrical connection than the male in female socket of this adapter would provide.

And for the controller I'm thinking a simple light dimmer from home depot might do the trick.

Thanks for helping, I'm all ears.