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By randyp
I know this is trivial, but I can't find any explanation here or on the online guide (other than a post that said it was trivial but did not explain how to do it.) I have a stand-alone WAV Trigger connected to a 9vac wall wart and ear buds for testing. I can get it to play every track *once* but then ends and does not repeat. Since I could not find any documentation, I tried duplicating how I have done this with MP3 Triggers in the past:

Created compatible WAV files named 001 test.wav, 002 test.wav.
Created WAVTRIGR.INI with the single line #TRIG 1, 1, 0. Also tried #TRIG 18, 1, 0. I just guessed at the file name ;-)
Copied the three files onto the SD card and inserted into the WAV Trigger.
Soldered a pair of pins on T1 and GND, and added a jumper, thus permanently grounding T1.

When I apply power, my two tracks play and then stop. I want the whole thing to repeat forever, as long as there is power.

Please point me to the documentation that describes how to do this, or advise what I need to do.

Thanks very much for you help.

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By robertsonics
With the filenames you've given your wav files, they are tracks 1 and 2, assigned to triggers 1 and 2 for normal trigger functions.

Assuming you're using the Init File Maker app, in the trigger settings section, select trigger 1, and change the Type field to "Level". If you don't want to have to put a jumper on the trigger input, check the "Invert" box. Press the Add button to create the entry for the trigger in the file, then save the file on the WAV Trigger's SD card. That's it.

You can repeat this for any or all of the 16 triggers, and not have to add any jumpers.
By randyp
That worked! Thanks so much for the quick and clear response.
I do wish there was more detailed documentation about what all of the various options do in the Init File Maker, so I could better understand the various features. I'm using both MP3 Trigger and WAV Trigger cards in various applications including my intention to control via serial interface from an Arduino, and monitoring the (apparently undocumented) pin to know when a track has finished playing - because in that case I need to play up to four short tracks consecutively, to make a customized announcement, from a pool of a large number of possible tracks. I'm sure it will be a fun project ;-)
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By robertsonics
If you're using an Arduino to control the WAV Trigger, you should really consider going serial and using the WAV Trigger Arduino Library. With the latest version of the WAV Trigger firmware and the library, you have the ability to know when specific tracks are finished, not just when any audio is playing. There's an example sketch in the library that demonstrates this, and I have a short tutorial on serial control here: ... -tutorial/

Of source, another benefit to using serial control is you have direct access to up to 4096 tracks.
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By robertsonics
Make sure you update your WAV Trigger's firmware to the latest.

Regarding your comment about better understanding the trigger options, if you connect a FTDI-Basic from your computer to the WAV Trigger (same as you would do for updating the firmware) while you're running the Init Maker app, you can use the Test button to immediately download any changes you make to the trigger options. This lets you quickly observe the effects of the different trigger settings without have to copy files, swap SD cards, cycle power, etc.
By robomaster
I have tried what you said to do and it does not work. I am unable to to use the add button and I have to use the update button.

Here what I need to happen.
Need track to loop forever.
Need track 15 and 16 to be volume up and down

Can anyone help me here?

Thank You
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By robertsonics
Assuming that you meant "Need track 1 to loop forever", just do the following. Make sure you have the most recent firmware.

Using the Configurator app...

For Trigger 1, change the type to "Level" and check the "Invert" option. Add/Update the trigger settings.

For Triggers 15 and 16, change the Function to Volume Up and Volume Down respectively. Add/Update the trigger settings

Save the init file. Track 1 should start on power up and loop forever.