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By jonbarril
I tried to install the Pro Micro driver as described in the latest hookup guide. (As others have pointed out there are differences due to Windows 10, but I think I have made appropriate allowances.) When I plug in the device it appears in Device Manager under "USB controllers" as "Unknown USB Device" with an error symbol, and windows complains that the "device descriptor request fails". When I try to force the issue as described in the hookup guide by installing the downloaded Sparkfun driver, the ONLY way to install it is using Device Manager action "add legacy hardware" -- all other approaches result in Windows complaining about incompatible drivers for x64 and such. When I install it as legacy hardware a node appears under "Ports (COM & LPT)" in the Device Manager with the name "SparkFun Pro Micro (COM8)", but with an error. The device status says "This device cannot start. (Code 10) The specified request is not a valid operation for the target device". And, in the Arduino IDE, the "ports" menu item is grayed out (which is expected, since there are no working ports available).

As far as I know I am using all the latest windows, sparkfun, and arduino updates. Any suggestions as to how to get this to work?
I really need to install Win 10.. But I am sure someone here is working on a 10 comp. Just be patient.