Using weather shield with Multitech mDot

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Using weather shield with Multitech mDot

Post by mike65535 » Tue May 24, 2016 12:43 pm

I am working with a Multitech mDot on a UDK dev board. I have a SF Weather Shield plugged in and can read temp, humidity, light level and recently with a SF Weather Station, I have wind direction and rain functioning.

Currently I cannot get the wind speed (anemometer) function to work. The anemometer is generating closures as it rotates, and that signal reaches the mDot's pin. But it's not captured (I'm using some example code that appears correct).

Since the rain gauge operates much the same way as the wind-speed, as an experiment, I swapped the RJ11 cable from the anemometer into the "rain gauge" RJ11on the SF Weather Shield and the anemometer signal is detected by the rain gauge feature. But wired natively to its original mDot RJ11input, nothing is detected.

Any ideas?

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