How to run desktop .py on PI?

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How to run desktop .py on PI?

Post by ventin75 » Mon May 16, 2016 9:06 pm

Hi, i am a newbie and i just bought my PI2.

according to this cutie in this video,
we are able to program our PI on our regular PC. I have done my programming on geany by following the guide at ... ing-an-ide but it does not seem to be able activate any pins when i run it.

My questions are:
1. how to run the program on my PC such that it sends the commands through the USB port?
2. If step 1 cant be done, what is the next course of action that i should do?
3. What is the most convenient way to update my .py file on the PI as i will be doing a lot of testing on my PC?

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