Mono Amp TPA2005D1 - Shutdown pin query

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Kurai Kitsune
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Mono Amp TPA2005D1 - Shutdown pin query

Post by Kurai Kitsune » Sun May 15, 2016 4:43 am

Good day all! I've been searching but not found a post relevant to my query, so hope this isn't already covered

I've been working with a Sparkfun Mono Amp model TPA2005D1, and would like to make use of the shutdown pin.

I've got the board taking input from a simple usb sound card, and would like the Amp to automatically turn off when headphones are plugged in.

As simple as i can tell, the Amp will power off from the S pin when it is bridged with the power ground pin. Is this safe? if so I can surely wire up a simple switch to be manual, but would really like to find an automatic way.

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