Edison & UART block...

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Edison & UART block...

Post by edsut » Fri May 13, 2016 1:46 pm

I'm trying to do something that should be pretty simple with the Edison and the UART block.
Taking code that I've used on normal Linux boxes to do a basic connection with a TTY port,
I'm finding that the serial port (UART1 = /dev/MFD1) is receiving and sending bad data intermittently.
I've seen some posts talking about enabling level shifters and disabling power monitoring
(https://embedded.communities.intel.com/thread/7521); but that's 2 years old and doesn't
seem applicable anymore. I'm running with 3.10.17-poky-edison+ #1 SMP PREEMPT.

Are there any known issues with the UART block?

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