Thermal Printer - can't set German Codepage

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Thermal Printer - can't set German Codepage

Post by RobyPoby » Sun May 08, 2016 12:26 pm


I hope somebody can give me a hint here - I'm trying to print german characters with the Thermal Printer and they are not recognized.

I'm using an ESP8266 and on the serial console there it still looks good (as on my java app that originally sends the bytes). So I'm quite confident that the character that is sent is the right one.

I tried to set the german character set like this:
Thermal.write(2); //german codepage

the characters I am trying to print should be possible - a test print with the possible characters was included with the printer and even that had them (ö, ä ,ü, ß )

Am I missing something here? Thanks for any help!

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