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a few questions about BC118 BLE Mate 2

Posted: Thu May 05, 2016 5:59 am
by coldeai
I'm intrested in buying a BLE Mate 2 , but before that i want to convince myself that it fits with my application. So i have the following concerns regarding the BC118 Ble Mate2 :
Q1 : I would like to know if the device role is set to Advertiser is there any chance to define a white list which contains mac addresses of devices that are allowed to connect? I only found the possibility to define one mac address. But what if would like to allow multiple devices to connect?

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BTModu.stdSetParam("ADDR", "000000000000");
Q2 : As a Scanner, can the device get all the mac addresses of the bluetooth devices in range and read them with arduino?
Q3 : Also as a Scanner, i would like to know if the older bluetooth devices are visible, for example a phone which hasn't a BLE but a normal bluetooth.
Thanks in advice!