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By kkrieg
I have the Lilypad Simblee board (Lilypad with Simblee bluetooth chip included on the board). I am attempting to connect an IMU sensor to the board, which uses I2C communication. For this, I need to connect the SCL and SDA ports on the sensosr to pins on the board. I know on a normal lilypad, pins A5 and A4 handle this, not sure which pins I can use for I2C on this board

Any help would be awesome!


I contacted Simblee, they told me that the default I2C pins were 5(SCL) and 6(SDA). Also that the default pins could be changed be by replacing the Wire.begin() line with:

Wire.beginOnPins(pin, pin)
By michelle248

I am in the process of trying to get an i2C communication between a simblee lilypad and a sparkfun fuel gauge. I am new to arduino and was wondering i youd be able to share your code of how you got the communication between the board and the IMU sensor?

Any help would be super appreciated.