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Hi all, wanted to ask if anyone might have tips on how to successfully use nichrome wire as a heating element. In particular, I want to be able to wrap the wire around a funnel like shape that's also metal. I figure I need some sort of coating or heat shrink that will conduct heat passably well without allowing a short or the like. Has anyone ever successfully coated a home rolled nichrome heating element with glass maybe? Any thoughts?
Sorry for the late reply, but I did want to thank you very much for the info and link. I hadn't thought of it before, but the possibility of rolling my own extruder heating element is actually more exciting than what I was originally aiming for. I've taken to using a bit of indica based marijauna to ease pain from getting blown up over in Iraq a few years ago. I'd seen a couple different types of these things called vaporizers, but my wife would skin me alive if I spent a hundred bucks or more just so I don't ahve to use a butane torch to fire up a bowl of pot, ya know? I figured since I'd completed one fo those Velleman K8200 3d printer kits (highly recomended, a challenging build and at least for PLA a great result and super hack/upgradeable), so I figured I'd see if I couldn't cad up and print out a servicable "fancy" pot pipe/vaporizer fer myself. However, like most little tech adventures I start out on, what seems my primary motivation ends up falling by the wayside when i spot something that rates even higher on the geekometer, like being able to roll a custom heating element (or at least understanding how one would and completing a kludge that validates that notion:)). Anyways, much thanks again, really excellent info!!