Problem with setting Baud on Sparkfun LCD

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Problem with setting Baud on Sparkfun LCD

Post by JPU » Thu Aug 27, 2015 1:43 am


Please can someone help with this. I have a PICAXE 14m2, I was using this chip with an LCD screen called texstar. I have been using this combination for a couple of years without problems, However the texstar LCD from coolcomponents is no longer available. I need a similar low porfile LCD for our product. I have sourced a screen from Sparkfun sold by proto-pic that has a low profile (SERIAL ENABLED 16X2 LCD - WHITE ON BLACK 5V) ... -black-5v/

Unfortunaly I am uable to change the baud rate of this lcd. I can send and display data at 9600baud which is the default but I need to display info at 2400baud to suit my application. Can someone please explain how I change the baud rate using my PICAXE serial port as the helpfiles associated with this product talk in "Arduino" and talk about things like "send a special character" followed by control K..??? (I am not familar with arduino!!)

please see paragraph 3.4 on this PDF ... _V2_5.PDF
Any help appreciated.

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SETFREQ M8                 'set speed to 8mhz as PICAXE onlys comms at 9600 whilst running at 8Mhz
serout b.1,T9600_8,(124,11)    'send special character and askii code for ctrl-k
setfreq m4                               'set picaxe speed back to 4mhz                                      
serout b.1,T2400_8,(254,128)   ' set cursor position to column 1 line 1
serout b.1,T2400_8,("TEST")

pause 1000
serout b.1,T2400_8,(254,128)
serout b.1,T2400_8,("----")
pause 1000


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Re: Problem with setting Baud on Sparkfun LCD

Post by BEST2V3 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:42 pm


Wait a minute. You seem to know how to change the baud rate to send data to the screen. In the first instance of your code you correctly set the clock to 8 MHz followed by serout b.1, T9600_8, (124, 11) but then you set the clock to 4 MHz and still tell the serial out command that you are at 8 MHz. Suggest you use the command serout b.1, T2400_4, (254, 128).

Do you see the T2400_8 vs the T2400_4 ?

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