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I'm using an arduino uno, some linear stepper motors, and some easydrivers and was wondering if would it be bad to share the same I/O pin on the arduino to control the direction pins on the easydrivers. All steppers run one at a time. At this point in my project every pin counts, and I'm trying to avoid upgrading to an arduino mega.
These are the steppers I'm using
These are the drivers I'm using

Would sharing the direction pin between two easydrivers draw too much current and fry that I/O pin on my arduino uno.
If it is ok to do, would I be able to safely share 1 I/O pin for the direction of 4 drivers/steppers?

What would I look at to find this out?
On the Arduino side I’m guessing the 40mA max current per I/O pin.
On the driver side is it the logic supply current or motor supply current… or something else?

Thanks for any help.