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By uChip
EDIT: I pulled the zip file as there is a more complete and maintainable set of files & write-up on github here:

I have made a couple of postings in the new products section about project enclosures. One enclosure that I have done is for the function generator kit that SparkFun carries.
In addition to just throwing the kit in a box, I also hacked it a bit to bring the power and USB connections to the back panel.

I thought others might be interested so here is the info.

The STL file for the enclosure and the DXF file for the back panel are in the attached zip. Print out two copies of the STL file (or have them printed by a service like The top an bottom halves are the same. The back panel is laser cut 1/16" black acrylic. I used to get mine.

The hacks:

Instead of installing the barrel jack connector on the PCB for power, install a two-pin header. The PCB is designed for either one. Regular break-away pins are fine, but I used a polarized connector to make sure I don't plug power in backwards.

Then use a panel mount barrel jack connector on the back panel with a pigtail running up to the board.
For the USB connector install a four pin header in the spot right next to where the USB connector goes. I used regular break-away pins for this one, but again, be careful not to plug in the connector backwards. You can install the USB connector or not since it does not interfere with the header pins.

On the back panel I used a rugged USB-B connector. This is meant to fasten to the back panel and to a backing PCB so I designed a small adapter board to make the connector pins easy to solder to a ribbon cable. The other end of the ribbon cable has the female header to match the pins on the PCB.

The complete parts list and design files are in the github repo.

Have fun,
- Chip
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By uChip
It's not only cheaper but the wiring is already attached. I have to get one and add it to the library. Thanks! - Chip