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By hmmmmm
I am looking to build a respiratory magnetometer (not for medical use just to see how it can be done with advances that have been made since the original designs). I was thinking about using one of Sparkfun's magnetometer boards and a strong magnet. The magnetometer would be placed on a person’s sternum and a magnet on their back. I would try to build a set up where the distance between the magnet and the magnetometer was tracked as the individual was breathing. Do you think any of your magnetometers would be able to be used in such a project and if so is there one that you would recommend? I know I have a lot more work to do on this I just need a good starting point. Thanks!
By waltr
First----this is a User's forum. If you need to contact SparkFun staff use the correct forum and/or contact the tech support directly.

Almost any of the magnetometers they sell should work. You will need to do a bit of experimenting to determine which magnet will give usefull readings without saturating the magnetometer.
Then a bit more experimenting and code writing to isolate the magnetic changes from breathing from other movements.
Go for a 3-axis magnetometer that has each axis value readable so your code can do the necessary 3D math. Also, pick one that is sensitive enough to be used as a magnetic compass.