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By ngermain
I'm trying to find a source for small prismatic LiFePO4 batteries for projects that are too small/thin to accommodate AAA.

A lot of companies are making flat, rectangular LiFePO4 in about the 200 - 800mAh range. I can't find anyone though who'll sell me them in small quantities. I convinced Full River (China) to send me 10 samples of a perfect 2cm x 3cm x 6mm 600mAh battery. But they won't sell me more unless I order 5000.

Has anyone found a source for such things?

Or does anyone want to buy 4900 small LiFePO4 batteries from me? :?

By fkeel
Sign me up for 50!

Anyone wanna buy 4850 LiFePo4s?

Sparkfun? Pretty please with sugar on top?

In all seriousness - I am looking for something in the 200mAh range, ideally prismatic pouch, as flat as possible.
I'll check Full River. Any other suggestions?
By MichaelN
Hobbyking is normally my go-to place for this type of thing, but I can't see what size cells they have as their servers are down :(

Does it need to be LiFePO4? Lipo would give you far more options...