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Hi all

I am stuck with a question for which i found various threads. I really apologize for creating a new one but my problem is straightforward.

I want to connect a camera with a microcontroller, capture between 2-5 frames per second and then do image processing (inside the microcontroller, which just includes comparing the grey scale of images and then taking the decision based on it), and if possible, save the images for future purpose.

the resolution of the image is not a concern (as only grey scale is needed to be compared, hence even black n white images will solve the purpose).

waiting keenly for the response
thanks.... :D
Doing image processing with a MCU is not possible. Unless it's something like a Maple or Beaglebone. Then you can use something like OpenCV to do the processing. But don't get your hopes up with an Arduino or PIC. Those would have to be connected with a PC to do the processing.
The Propeller can do some very basic video capture.

Here's a picture showing the word "HI" being displayed on a LED array after being captured through a black and white NTSC camera.


Here's link to more information about the project.

I've have links to some other Propeller/machine vision examples in post #4 of an index I keep. The CMUcam 4 (which uses a Propeller) is included in this list.