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By waltr
That you will not easily find (I've looked). Best you can do is hub that you then attach a wheel to.

Question: What does the wheel do?
Is this to drive a small robot? If so then that motor directly attached to a wheel will not work.
Instead what you need is a gear motor that has less RPM and more Torque.
By bigmuddyfoot
I am just prototyping right now, I was thinking about future projects and though I would get wheels all at the same time for a future car pargect
By Duane Degn
I second waltr's warning about the motors you linked to. The only way they will power a vehicle with a wheel directly attached to it is if the vehicle is going down a steep incline. Those motors will not be able to power a robot with wheels directly attached to them.

I purchased several of these motor/wheel combos from MPJA. They didn't work at all. Without a gearbox, the motors couldn't move their own weight.

You'll need one of SparkFun's (or other vendor's) motor with a gearbox in order to power a robot or other ground vehicle.

There are a variety of ways to mount wheels to gear motor axles not originally intended for each other.

Here's an example of mounting Vex Mecanum wheels to Rover 5 axles (post #29 of thread).

Pololu and other robot supply places sell mounting hubs for a variety of axle sizes to make it easier to mount wheels.
By chartle
I'm with everyone else.

Your prototype car will not move. Well maybe if you give it a good shove and get the wheels and motors moving, but it will have no torque at all and the smallest incline or bump will stop it.

I would go to Pretty sure thats where Sparkfun gets some of their motors and wheels or at least its the same supplier. They have a much better selection of gear motors and wheels.