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By Guliavan

I have the project of building a gps tracker for my cat... I never know where it's sneaking 8) . I was thinking of putting together an Arduino mini, a Locosys GPS chip and an OpenLog to record data.

Do anybody think of a better parts for me to look at? I'm loking for parts that won't take much power and/space on my cat ;)

Thanks a lot,

By gearbox
Unless you have a really large cat, he's probably not going to tolerate all that hardware attached to his collar. I looked at out-of-the-box GPS tracking solutions (my cat is a "roamer" too) and didn't find anything small enough that looked like it would work. Most of them are for hunting dogs weighing 50-plus pounds.

Here's the solution I finally found:

The little transmitter is the size of a large jelly bean, and while it doesn't give continuous updates, it lets you go find the little bugger if he doesn't home when you call him. It has a range of about 200 feet (plus or minus) and is reasonably priced.

If you do manage to find or make a GPS small enough to fit on a cat, I'd love to hear about it!
By Guliavan
Thanks for the tips! I already found out-out-the-box solutions, but I wanted to do it all by myself. The buxtronicx post seems to answer the need! Thanks!