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By wholder
After several years of saying I'm going to try but then chickening out, I finally signed up for the 2012 AVC and plan to build a ground vehicle. So, now that I've probably bitten off more than I can chew, I'm looking for advice and wondering if anyone has, or is willing to share some with a new guy like me. I'm particularly interested to know if anyone has taken the bold step of sharing their past designs because I'm hoping I can learn a lot by studying what has worked and what has not worked so well. I'm fairly well versed with electronics and have worked with GPS modules, accelerometers, etc., but I only have moderate experience with servos and DC motor control. And, even less experience putting all these pieces together in a way that will get a vehicle to drive from one waypoint to the next. So, is anyone up for sharing, or passing along any advice?

By TeslaFan
This is my first ACV as well, I have decades of experience with electronics, programming, and manufacturing, but no real robotics experience... so if you want to watch me flounder on my blog, you're welcome to! It's at I plan on fully documenting the entire process of designing, testing, and building the robot in true open source fashion.

The robot I plan to enter is called the "T1", and it's pretty ambitious. I know I'm biting off at least as much as I can chew, Probably more!