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By kjohn33407
We started messing around with some processes that involve using Trichloromethane (chloroform) in the lab today, and it got me wondering if there are any sensors available which I could use to detect the substance in ambient air. Its a sealed system, and the sensor could be used to help diagnose leaks etc.

Any ideas?
By marcovansteen
Creative idea to look for a sensor.. however there is absolutely no alternative to involving a safety expert and making sure that you take all necessary precautions to avoid danger to the people who work in the lab. "Diagnose Leaks" is probably not actually part of your emergency rescue plan, or is it?
Normally, a slight underpressure, monitored with safety sensors and interlock switches, together with restricted access, good maintenance, well trained people, and the necessary warning signs, should contribute to safety of such setups.

There's a telephone number at , you might want to call them.
By macegr
Ah that's perfect, I've been doing the ol' sniff test but the next time someone asks me "does this rag smell like chloroform" I can pull out that sensor.

Let's google "artificial kidneys and liver" next...