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By Gilberto
Hi guys,

I have some experiences working with a CMOS camera (TCM8230MD from Toshiba) and I succeeded in getting images from it. Now I need to move to a new camera and this new camera (GC0309) has driven me crary for several days, because I don't know how to get an image from it.

Basically I can read/write to its registers, but the problem is: the datasheet is too vague and I have no idea about which registers I need to config to make it output an image.

I attach here the datasheet, if you have worked with this camera before pls give me some advices on how to deal with it.

Thank you,
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By lkcl
hi there,

with quite a lot of arseing about on chinese forums i found some example code which contains the list you're looking for. also i looked in the linux kernel sources for various obscure tablets. if i have time i'll attempt to get hold of it again, but the information you want *is* available. if you can wait i wrote a small python program using python-smbus which did the required initialisation, i'll try to find it ok?
By lkcl
ok because the forum administrator is a bit of an idiot and doesn't bother to read first posts which provide follow-up information that's useful to the members of the forum they're supposed to be managing, i'm forced to make the searches that i promised i would make for you, gilberto, a second time.


the source code you're looking for gilberto which contains the registers you seek is here: ... o/gc0309.c

also i'm speaking to a supplier of this camera module (jack of sanmtech in shanghai) and he says you only supply pin 11 (DOVDD 2.8V). datasheet says that can actually go as high as 3.3v. also the datasheet says you're _supposed_ to connect decoupling capacitors to the other ball-grids for the internal regulator to be happy, but hey :)