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I purchased Sparkfun's SerLCD because I wanted to free up some pins on my Arduino Uno. I ended up desoldering the header pins I originally soldered on my LCD, which was a pain. I am in the process of re-writing my code and wanted to know if it's possible to create custom characters with the SerLCD like you can with the LiquidCrystal library. Sparkfun's tech support told me I could, but I've read you can't. Is this possible?
Just in case someone else is looking to create and use custom characters with the SerLCD. Take a look at reply #2 of this thread. To create custom character use the writecharLCD function. To get the function to work you have to declare j and i in the for loops. Use this website to create your own custom characters online. Oh and make sure you capitalize all letters of the hex codes for the custom characters.

Use the following to display you custom characters:

Serial.print(0, BYTE); //Display custom character 0
Serial.print(1, BYTE); //Display custom character 1
Serial.print(2, BYTE); //Display custom character 2
Serial.print(3, BYTE); //Display custom character 3
Serial.print(4, BYTE); //Display custom character 4
Serial.print(5, BYTE); //Display custom character 5
Serial.print(6, BYTE); //Display custom character 6
Serial.print(7, BYTE); //Display custom character 7
By astrokeller
Made up my LCD kit and started to play with it.
Got everything working but then left TX connected during an upload and now I can't recover control.

I note elsewhere on the forums that you have to disconnect TX on upload to avoid scrambling the firmware... is it too late for me? What are my options to recover from this state?

By fll-freak
It is not too late for you. You need to search the forum again for a program that you can run to bring the unit back to life. The basic issue is that part of the byte stream during reprogramming was a legal sequence to set the default baud rate of the unit to something funky. The program attempts to contact the LCD at various baud rates giving it the set to x baud command.