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By zws
As some of you might get bored by my recent presentation or get lost in to many details or maybe just not interested (see here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=28716), I figured I should ask you something in simpler terms.

How would I connect 2 12V Solenoid Valves ( to 1 normally closed switch? Everything would be powered by a 12VDC Adapter.

I did connect one of the solenoid valves to the switch and my adapter got burned after a few days. Would I need a resistor somewhere so things would run smoothly?

zws, the newbie
By lyndon
Probably need an adapter with more current capacity. Look at your solenoid valves and see how much power (volts x amps) they need to operate. One of the posters in that thread says it needs 300mA at 12VDC, so you should have an adapter rated at least 600mA and for safety's sake, 30% more.