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By avenue33

My goal is to use LinkM to send / receive I2C messages directly to another I2C gear.
LinkM is HID and so it isn't considered as a COM port.

Has someone find a way to use LinkM with another i2C gear on a Mac :?:

I was hinted to consider "linkm-tool" and "" at the :arrow: linkm Google code repository.

My configuration is: Mac OS 10.6.5, X11, Xcode 3.2.4.
I don't have a strong experience on Terminal or Unix commands.
I had a look at the c_host/Makefile

Code: Select all
# Mac OS X: "sudo port install libusb-legacy +universal" using MacPorts
MacPorts is required, as well as libusb-legacy.
I installed both successfully, with MacPorts-1.9.2-10.6-SnowLeopard

Code: Select all
USBLIBS  =  /opt/local/lib/libusb-legacy/libusb.a
Is libusb also required?
I installed it but the libusb.a is on the /opt/local/lib/.
Shall I modify
Code: Select all
USBLIBS  =  /opt/local/lib/libusb-legacy/libusb.a
Code: Select all
USBLIBS  =  /opt/local/lib/libusb-legacy/libusb-legacy.a
or into
Code: Select all
USBLIBS  =  /opt/local/lib/libusb.a
To put it simpler,
  • Has someone be successful compiling "linkm-tool" and "" on Mac?
  • Has someone find a way to use LinkM with another i2C gear on a Mac?
Thank you for your help :!:
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