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By drwho9437
While I know lead free solder is harder to work with I think it is a brave new world and I probably will have to get used to it RoHS may be coming even the US shores.

So I am thinking of starting some SMDing and am wondering if you guy have any recommendations on Pb free paste, the Easy 256 SF suggests is of course full of Pb goodness...

Or should I just cling to my lead as long as I can given I am in the US and would mostly sell widgets to US peoples.
By f.murch
Just a couple of thoughts that might help. Lead free solder is not harder than leaded solder, at least not exactly. The SAC305 lead free (the most common kind) is. But for a simple lead free repair - try SnBi. It is a low temp solder, it melts at 158C. It flows well and solders well. It is common in consumer electronics (like toys, ink cartridge, flash lights, and other non-critical electronics)

I would dispense it.

On the other hand, if you go with SAC305, the profile will be more difficult, the soldered joints less shinny and the temperatures higher. For small jobs you may want to look at Sn Bi