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You again ? Bragging about your LCD hacks and not providing some schematics / init code , just some pictures , that's just great... really useful . And whats up with all those emotes and "hi hi hi " ?
Anyhoo , a while ago I wanted to do a project with a LCD in it , and settled my mind on a copy of a E51 lcd . Bought the darn thing and some connectors off ebay but never actually got into making something with it. I came to the conclusion that it is not worth it. The LCD clone was about 10$ with the connector 1$ . Adding the required level shifters , and the step-up converter for the backlight , you could easily get to 20$ , which is the price I paid for my second LCD off ebay , much larger , easy to solder (1 mm pitch ribbon , no connector required , directly solder on the pcb),no need for a step-up for backlight (leds are in parallel not in series) has a touchscreen and comes with datasheet and sample code. Compare that to the hassle soldering a 0.4 mm pitch connector and adding the support circuitry, my choice is simple.
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