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By raimundohamilton
Hi everyone,
I am building a project that will datalog (using OpenLog) some sensor readings, but I need to know if I can retrieve the information from the MicroSD without removing the chip, using a sniffer.
The thing is everything will be in a tight enclosure, and I want to have only one communcation port: mini USB. The latter will also supply power (to charge a LiPo battery).
Is there a way to access the data recorded in the MicroSD, through a mini USB port? What kind of sniffer should I have?
The data to be retrieved will be recorded as a .txt file in the microSD.
Is there a way to acess the microSD as a hard drive, the way a card reader would do?
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By sparky
Hmm - I don't know of a good way to get at the data stored within OpenLog other than through the serial interface. You may want to use a Arduino Pro with and FTDI Basic (has a miniUSB connector on it).

Another option may be to use the Logomatic. It has USB and datalogging built onto it.