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By isne14a69
I just received a Logomatic data logger, and I cannot seem to get it to log data in UART0 mode. I know it's communicating because I can put it in ADC mode and log data fine, but there seems to be no communication when in UART0 or UART1 modes. Do I need to change something in the software to get this to work?
By esklar81

Let's start with the basics:
  1. Have you read all of the threads in this forum related to the Logomatic? If so, which of the suggestions have you tried and what was the outcome? If not,... :roll:
  2. When you run in UARTx mode, do you not get a data file, or do you get an empty one?
  3. What's the input when you run in UART mode? What signal (protocol, speed, voltage, etc.) do you believe it is sending?
  4. To what pins of the Logomatic is it connected?
  5. What evidence is there that the device the output of which you are trying to record is sending proper signals?
  6. What software do you believe may need changing?

By isne14a69
Hi Eric,

Thank you for the response, and I think I answered my own question. I just realized that the Logomatic does not employ a serial conversion circuit which is required to talk to a PC serial port. I'm assuming that an RS232 Shifter SMD, P/N PRT-08780 is all I need to accomplish this?

I believe all my settings are correct and matched, and the data file is created in UART mode but empty. I can see that data is not comunicating as the LED's do not flash during transmission, however, I know that data is being transmitted because I have an Acumen that sees and logs it with no problem. I've connected to both TXO and RXI, 0 and 1 pins on the Logomatic with the same results.

Am I correct to assume that a serial shifter will solve ALL my problems? :D


By tedh
Oh, okay, I think this explains why I haven't been able to get my Logomatic to work. I've got a weather station putting out a serial data stream to a DB9 connector. My laptop will log it just fine, but the Logomatic won't. Can someone confirm what is quickly becoming obvious to me, that I can't just wire the serial output to the Logomatic input?

Thanks for the help. I guess that's the point, to learn things, eh?

By SFE-Nate
Like waltr said you will need a way to convert from the +/-12V of the DB9's output to 0 to 5V. You can do this with a MAX3232.

One other common pit fall that I have seen time and time again is people only send the logomatic a couple of characters over UART0 and then don't push the stop button once they are done logging. Be sure you push the stop button.
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