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By doctor_speed

I have the "Serial Graphic LCD 128x64" connected to an Arduino, but I can't seem to get it to produce any normal characters. This LCD uses the Graphic LCD Serial Backpack to interface to the 128X64 LCD.

The board is connected okay and responds to input consistently, it's just that I think I'm using it wrong.

Does anyone have any 'hello world' code for the Arduino that gets the "Serial Graphic LCD 128x64" to produce correct results?

I see some code around on the net that uses special libraries (e.g. NewSerial.h) but I'd like to stick to the stock Arduino setup if possible.

By stuart007
Hi Guys

How do you pass special commands to this LCD. The "Graphic LCD Serial Backpack Datasheet" says you can pass special commands, like 0x7C 0x00 to clear screen for example.

Just not sure how this is done in the arduino code...
By fll-freak
DANGER DANGER. Using the Rx and Tx lines is fine in a finished system. But if you are using the Arduino's USB port to program, all those funky bytes go to the LCD as well. You risk changing the configuraiton of the LCD in such a way as you can no longer talk to it easily. Simple solution is to disconnect the LCD before each time you program it. Adding a switch in the data lines makes it simpler. Or learn to use the softserial library to use digital pins to bit bang the serial.
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