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By Wiseman20
I was wondering if anyone has a correct SPP AT command set for the BTM-182 bluetooth module. I tried using the command set provided but only get "ERROR" when trying to implement a command. When I send just the AT command it returns OK. How do i properly send AT commands to the bluetooth chip?
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#include <NewSoftSerial.h>

#define rxPin 2
#define txPin 3

NewSoftSerial BlueTooth(rxPin, txPin);

void setup()
  Serial.begin(9600); //open serial hardware
  BlueTooth.begin(19200); //open serial software
  pinMode(rxPin, INPUT); 
  pinMode(txPin, OUTPUT); 
  BlueTooth.print("AT\r"); //Communication returns OK

void loop()
   BlueTooth.print("ati0\r"); //Communication returns ERROR
   BlueTooth.print("ati1\r"); //Communication returns ERROR
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By Wiseman20
I received emails back from Rayson about the command set... the data sheet provided is accurate which is disappointing to me haha. I guess the way I'm implementing the design is wrong. Anyone have suggestions?
By Wiseman20
Alright so my problem was that when I send my commands there is not supposed to be a \n character. So instead of BlueTooth.print("ATF?\r\n"); it is supposed to be BlueTooth.print("ATF?\r");

Devices are recognized, can attempt to connect ie passcode is brought up on screen. But havent had time to successfully set up serial bluetooth connection
By lucmorton
I am having similar troubles..

I can get everything configured. I even have endpoints initialsed in my winxp bluetooth stack/utility/thingy.. I just can't connect. at returns OK. ata returns error..

anyone have any thoughts? I am hoping I am simply not seeing something obvious.
By lucmorton
ok.. so I can talk using the thingy now.
I put it in master mode
take it out of auto connect
give it a MAC to connect to
tell it to connect
allow the connection on my PC with the default PIN (1234)
tada! two one way serial connections, one outgoing, one ingoing to my PC from the dongle.
once it is saved, it should work with ATA after power up. ( will try this )
By lucmorton
Rayson sent me copies of their AT command set, a technical troubleshooting document for BTM series modules, and a screen capture of the response from an "ATI0". The ATI0 command is handy, it tells you the state of the module in clear text.

I uploaded the tech document along with this post.

This applies to the BTM110, BTM160, and BTM180 modules.
By Wiseman20
Good job, i was able to connect to mine and be able to turn on and off and led as i connected and disconnected :D. I did this by having the chip only allow connection to my laptop and then connecting my laptop to the chip.

my next step is to have the chip connect to the laptop, not really sure how to establish a connection. I had the chip request a pin on my laptop, but when I enter the pin nothing happens, just hangs.

My end goal is to have the chip check and check and check until my phone is in range and then do some function but I am not completely sure how I am going to be able to connect to other bluetooth devices from the chip
By lucmorton
ok.. blah.. cant sem to upload a pdf.. ... or a doc... or a file of any size..

I got a file from rayson that is helpful.. I will post it somewhere else, and put up a link.