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By flokos
Hi all i have an idea but i dont know if this can happen.The requirements are an htc diamond phone , 2 xbee modules 900,mhz ,xbee xplorer usb and one regulated ,one pc or laptop and and an arduino duemilanove and with those i want to make a link between the htc diamond's accelometer and the arduino duemilanove.
So how i'm thinking to do this ?
I will make a page to my laptop and then i will upload it to the local network and then i'm going to send the values from the htc diamond's accelometer to this page then this page will send them to my pc and then to my arduino via the xbee modules .But there is a but here.I dont know how to read the values from htc diamond's accelometer with any well known web language such as php or javascript.
If someone has any ideas on this issue please let me know and post your opinion here.
Thanks for reading.... :D :D :D :D